About Mollie

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, Mollie defines our company . . . its commitment to others, as well as its purpose.


    Mollie Infranca is the maternal grandmother of the company’s founder, Sandi L. Allen.  The company is named after her due to the inspiration and devotion Mollie demonstrated throughout her lifetime to her extended family, and the values she taught, including the importance of family, integrity and faith.  Mollie had an excellent sense of humor, and was very generous with her time and attention.  However, Mollie also made it quite clear that her kindness should not be confused for weakness; Mollie was very principled and made her position unmistakably known.

    As Mollie grew older, her continuing wish was to remain at home until her last day, which she was able to do thanks to the loving support of her family and others.  Mollie passed away at 97 years of age. 

    Mollie’s Heart Caregivers, LLC was formed on the premise that others are also deserving of the same support and care that Mollie received that enabled her to realize her dream to remain at home. Mollie’s Heart Caregivers representatives also reflect Mollie’s core values and character; however, there will only be one Mollie and she remains in our heart.  Hence, the name of our company, Mollie’s Heart Caregivers, LLC.

    Mollie’s Heart Caregivers, LLC is here for the sick, injured, physically impaired and elderly, as well as their families.  Whether you may require assistance, or are reaching out on behalf of a loved one, please contact us.  It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.


Mollie’s Heart Caregivers, LLC

1288 Summit Avenue, Suite 107-107

Oconomowoc, WI 53066